Sunday, May 27, 2012

Checking in...

Realize I haven't posted for almost a year! Things have been so busy with the move and homeschooling, beginning to see herbal clients and so forth. I'm starting a little garden at our new house, but so far, it's kinda stalled out with the plants neither growing nor dying. We'll see what happens....

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Hooping

Hurricane Irene has passed leaving us relatively unscathed, but the residual windy weather has me feeling all wild and jittery and full of energy, so it was outside to do some windy hooping!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Finally Done!

It took me over 6 months to finish these socks, but here they are! The pattern was actually quite easy, I just rarely have time to sit and work on knitting. I kinda pick it up in stolen moments. Now on to some juicy gifted red yarn in a colorway aptly called "true blood" :)

Friday, April 15, 2011


I've been in a funk for quite a few weeks now. I considered that maybe my cycle was off or something else hormonal was to blame, maybe I'm not eating right, not getting enough or perhaps too much sleep. Maybe I've been too busy, not busy enough, not enough sun... The list of possible offenders runs long. But frankly I'm tired of trying to figure out what's to blame.

I'm just grumpy and "off" and that is the simple truth of it.

Thankfully I have discovered something that seems to work fairly well and quickly to bring some relief. There are many things actually that one can use to shift such a mood, if only temporarily, but sometimes just taking that step toward a different mindset is enough to help you fully turn the corner so to speak. Rewire the 'ol brain hard drive, help the synapses do their thang...

Anyway... I'm admittedly not very good a sitting still and meditating. Hooping is usually my activity of choice to try to shake off the gloom. But on top of my crappy mood, my back is also hurting. At times like these I find sitting quietly in prayer pose with the help of a crystal and some oils to be just the thing.

This afternoon I chose Frankincense from Wisdom of the Earth. These oils are magnificent! Therapeutic/Medicinal Grade oils vibrating at a very high frequency. I applied some to my 3rd eye, my throat, my palms and the crown of my head. Then I took out my new favorite Crystal Argonite (purported  to calm jangles nerves and ease stress.) and sat in prayer pose for as long as I could, eyes closed, inhaling the scent of Frankincense. Breathing.... releasing...... and opening.

It lasted all of 10 minutes before I was interrupted by my sweet children. But it was 10 minutes in the right direction. I feel markedly better.


So simple. But so hard to motivate to take 10 minutes for myself. Why is that? Never mind.. I'll keep trying to remember this and take a few minutes out more often.

Wishing you restoration today too.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Spring is here and although it doesn't feel like it yet, you can feel it humming just under the surface... kinda how I've been feeling in my life too. I feel as if I'm poised for some major shifts and transitions. It's a kind of an expectant, bubbling up, powerful feeling I'm getting. Like the moments just before a race and the "ready...set... go!!" and "BANG!" of the starters gun signaling the start of all that running.

 Most times in my life I feel like I'm running. Flying by the seat of my pants really... giving my all, heaving and panting into the finish line but not really getting anywhere, or even running a good race.

I set my intentions in a ritual on the spring equinox in honor of the equal length of light and dark and for theme of balance. I set my intentions to have more balance in my life. To that end I have decided to give up the office space I took several months ago back in December. It was a really cute space and perfect for seeing herbal clients. The only problem is I don't have enough steady clients at this point to really be able to afford the space, and I realized that in order to get enough clients to make it worth while, I would need to be seeing more people than I realistically have time to see and still give my children enough of my time.

Again. Balance.

So I let it go....

I have so  much time ahead of me once they are grown to have an office and see tons of client and build my herbal business. Looking at my children lately and how fast they are growing makes me realize how fleeting this time with them while they are little really is. I don't want to miss anything. I want to be present.

I realized upon cleaning Ruby's room tonight and discovering all these little pictures she had drawn, that I didn't recognize them. This might not sound like much, but I remembered all the pictures that her older brother Gryphon drew. I can look at his pictures at that age and tell you exactly where we were and what we were doing when he drew them. Maybe that sounds too involved, but I feel like I'm missing out on my children even when they are near me all day when I'm  not fully present for the experience. This is something very important to me in my parenting. I want my children to know that I have other interests and a life of my own of course, but I also want them to feel that when I am with them that I am really WITH them, not absent, distracted or somewhere else.

This is what I desire when I asked for balance in my life.

I seek balance between work and play. time alone and time with friends, moderation in all things. Even in asking this I realize that it's impossible to have it all the time, it's only something to strive for. We must learn to recognize when we are tipping to one side or other of the tightrope and make the proper adjustments before we fall one way or the other.

This spring I'm watching each step and calibrating as I go, even as I feel big things coming on the horizon.... There is such a wealth of worthwhile things to see, do and be in the world. We are truly blessed. How then to choose and say no to any of these wonderful opportunities? I am still learning this, and learning that less really is more.

What does spring energy mean to you? Can you feel the buzzing in the air too? How do you choose to create balance in your life?

Friday, February 25, 2011


I feel like it's been a really long winter. I've been hybernating and dreaming and scheming for spring. Outside today it's still bleak and cold and wet, but there are signs everywhere that winter is loosing her grip. I saw tiny dafodill buds peeking up from under some leaves yesterday and tiny swelling buds are noticable on our lilac bush.

I'm beginning to bud out as well. Back in December I had the chance opportunity arise to take an office space one town over. It's a work in progress, but tonight I will be seeing my first paying herbal client! It's all terribly exciting as well as being terrifying. The "what-ifs" keep raising their ugly heads to torment me, but I am keeping faith that this opportunity did not present for no good reason and that I feel this is something I should indeed do at this point. It's what I've been studying and working towards for so long. I'm honored to be able to do this.

In other news, I was planning a huge garden for our tiny rental property and had the sad news yesterday of being told I'm not allowed to create it. I'm a bit sick over it, as most of my bright spots during the winter have been thoughts of having this garden this spring and I've been pouring over seed catalogs, and dreaming big time of how I would lay it all out. It's not that the place doesn't have the room for a garden. He's just a bit cranky about things and I think he doesn't want to mess up the yard. (which is a joke, concidering how many broken pieces of farm equipment are laying all over the place and old stoves, junk cars, bathtubs.. Yeah it's really that bad, so I don't see how a garden in the midst of all of this is going to mess things up.) Anyway..... deep breath......

I will figure out something. I hope there is a bit of a thaw in the air where you are too, even if it's not winter, perhaps there is something ready to blossom in yourself as well.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Quicky layout

Trying to get some scrapbook layouts done, I'm gonna start posting as I do 'em. This one was quick and dirty. Just framed with minimal embellishment.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Swiss Chard from the garden for Lunch!

My little raised bed did not yield much this year. It was not so happy with the location I have it. Not enough sun. But happily the late summer planted Swiss Chard has done well. It's such a beautiful plant too! I hope to put in some more and with the addition of a cold frame or row covers, extend this crop throughout the fall and into the winter. Today I'm eating it sauteed with potatoes and balsamic vinegar. Mmmm..

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Miss Haystack 2010

Just testing sending this from my phone, if it works I'll be posting much more frequently. Here Moi at the local farm harvest days

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hipstamatic for iphone

I just downloaded this awesome app for my iphone, which takes these amazing retro styled pictures. I've been having a blast trying out different "lenses, filters and flash". Of course they are all just filters within the program, but the way the app is designed it actually looks like you are loading film and swapping out lens on an old camera body! I'm in love, and a bit addicted. Here are some of my favorites..


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thrift Store Fails....

I know I'm not alone in my love of thrift stores and thrifting. Finding just the right vintage apron, milk glass bowl, a little something to add to a collection, or something needed and found at a good price gives me such a thrill. I have to admit I get just as much joy from all the weird and crazy stuff too. Our latest trip to the local thrift store did not disappoint! Actually I'm being really generous with calling this place a "thrift store." "Junk Shop" is more accurate. The place looks like an indoor dump, but once you get past the weird smell and the piles of unwashed clothes laying in heaps everywhere. (*hmmm this description is starting to sound a bit too familiar....kinda like my bedroom.) It's actually a really fun place. Things are just randomly dumped on tables and floors everywhere. There is little rhyme or reason to it. Which actually makes it all the more fun. Anyway..Take a look at these gems!

I'm glad I had my iphone. The camera came in handy so I was not tempted to actually buy these things to share with you!

Ok so this one is not really weird but actually pretty cool. Gryphon was so excited to find a vintage Star Wars set. I could kick Chris for not listening to me, when years ago I told him we might have kids someday that would really love seeing his old Star Wars toys and that he should not get rid of them. Anyway at $38.oo we, (ok really more like me) decided to leave this there.


And this does not fall into the weird category either. I think it's pretty cute, but I'm trying to clear stuff out of my house, so "Squirrely on a nut" bowl had to stay.

Genuine Evil Monkey!!! So cool!! I actually received one of these for Christmas from my folks one year. It was a reference to a really awesome Mystery Science Theatre 3000 episode called "Merlin's Mystical Shop of Wonders." If you want to laugh until you cry, you must watch it! Anyway.. there is an evil circus monkey (from a thrift store no less!) which plays a key role.

From here we move on to...... random plastic leg.. No sign of the body it came from. and it's a steal at only $1.25!!  Why is this even for sale? why??)

Ruby totally wanted it, but she was going to use it as a crutch

Then we have an object d'art which I call.... "Bird who has taken flight never again to land, because it's feet are permanently attached to this pear." Again.. FOR SALE!!

This was truly frightening.... a child sized stuffed Granny in a tracksuit and sneakers. Ruby was terrified of it. She kinda cringed and exclaimed "That is freaking me out!" every time she saw it from across the store. (I don't even want to know what's going on with the other doll's head....)

I finally convinced her to hold it for a picture. (I'm horrible, I know.) It's the face only a... granddaughter?? could love.

Ok it's a toss up between the above granny doll and the item below, but I'm giving this the "Most awesome item of the day award." Drumroll please!!!.... introducing!!!

Little Sipper Boob Cup.

Yes. For real. I think this is the perfect cup for the office break room, or maybe for coffee at church, OR!!  you could pump breastmilk in it and give it to your weaning baby to make the transition to a sippy cup easier! I really wanted to buy this one, but sadly I left it there. If it's there when I go back next time, I'm totally going to get it. I might have to paint some kind of snarky saying on it and gift it to someone special.

Well that's it! Hope you enjoyed! I'll post some more next time we go!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Seed Saver

I've been collecting the seeds from my herb and flower beds as summer is coming to a close and I decided I needed somewhere to keep them. I had this old cigar box sitting around forever so I decided to pull out my scrapbooking stuff and decorate it. I think it turned out pretty cute! Now I have a nice place to tuck away all my seeds!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Festive Paper Garland

I saw these super cute garlands on Patty's blog "" and loved them right away. I decided they would look really cute in Ruby's room. I basically cut lots of circles from scrap book paper then sewed them back to back so the pattern side was facing out on each one. I think they are so cute and festive and fun to make! (pictures were taken on my iphone so they are a bit dark and grainy)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Check it out!

Lookie! This photo of me Hooping was chosen for's "photo of the day" Fun huh?