Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thrift Store Fails....

I know I'm not alone in my love of thrift stores and thrifting. Finding just the right vintage apron, milk glass bowl, a little something to add to a collection, or something needed and found at a good price gives me such a thrill. I have to admit I get just as much joy from all the weird and crazy stuff too. Our latest trip to the local thrift store did not disappoint! Actually I'm being really generous with calling this place a "thrift store." "Junk Shop" is more accurate. The place looks like an indoor dump, but once you get past the weird smell and the piles of unwashed clothes laying in heaps everywhere. (*hmmm this description is starting to sound a bit too familiar....kinda like my bedroom.) It's actually a really fun place. Things are just randomly dumped on tables and floors everywhere. There is little rhyme or reason to it. Which actually makes it all the more fun. Anyway..Take a look at these gems!

I'm glad I had my iphone. The camera came in handy so I was not tempted to actually buy these things to share with you!

Ok so this one is not really weird but actually pretty cool. Gryphon was so excited to find a vintage Star Wars set. I could kick Chris for not listening to me, when years ago I told him we might have kids someday that would really love seeing his old Star Wars toys and that he should not get rid of them. Anyway at $38.oo we, (ok really more like me) decided to leave this there.


And this does not fall into the weird category either. I think it's pretty cute, but I'm trying to clear stuff out of my house, so "Squirrely on a nut" bowl had to stay.

Genuine Evil Monkey!!! So cool!! I actually received one of these for Christmas from my folks one year. It was a reference to a really awesome Mystery Science Theatre 3000 episode called "Merlin's Mystical Shop of Wonders." If you want to laugh until you cry, you must watch it! Anyway.. there is an evil circus monkey (from a thrift store no less!) which plays a key role.

From here we move on to...... random plastic leg.. No sign of the body it came from. and it's a steal at only $1.25!!  Why is this even for sale? why??)

Ruby totally wanted it, but she was going to use it as a crutch

Then we have an object d'art which I call.... "Bird who has taken flight never again to land, because it's feet are permanently attached to this pear." Again.. FOR SALE!!

This was truly frightening.... a child sized stuffed Granny in a tracksuit and sneakers. Ruby was terrified of it. She kinda cringed and exclaimed "That is freaking me out!" every time she saw it from across the store. (I don't even want to know what's going on with the other doll's head....)

I finally convinced her to hold it for a picture. (I'm horrible, I know.) It's the face only a... granddaughter?? could love.

Ok it's a toss up between the above granny doll and the item below, but I'm giving this the "Most awesome item of the day award." Drumroll please!!!.... introducing!!!

Little Sipper Boob Cup.

Yes. For real. I think this is the perfect cup for the office break room, or maybe for coffee at church, OR!!  you could pump breastmilk in it and give it to your weaning baby to make the transition to a sippy cup easier! I really wanted to buy this one, but sadly I left it there. If it's there when I go back next time, I'm totally going to get it. I might have to paint some kind of snarky saying on it and gift it to someone special.

Well that's it! Hope you enjoyed! I'll post some more next time we go!


Chell said...

Hysterical, and wow that really is a junk shop!! The Goodwill near me had 2 of those boob cups. I almost bought it as a gag too..

Sarah said...

ha! good to know there is more than one boob cup out there. You really should have a pair I think. Get it! Har har..

Chell, on another note, I can't believe it's been this long and I haven't connect you with your hoop!!! Let's pick a time and place!

Lawanda said...

Oh DEAR! You found some real winners!! LOL

I agree with Ruby! That granny doll was just a bit freaky!

This was an awesome idea of ra post. You could practically do a whole blog on this, if you had time ;)

And also LOL @ the "pair" of boob cups comment ;)

Lawanda said...

(My typing is atrocious, that should have been "This was an awesome idea *for a* post.")

Michele said...

OMG- is this in my new town? I've been there and what a junk shop!!!

danielle said...

where is this place? I am SO jealous. drooling over here...
I miss thrifting SO much, but I miss you more.
Call me this week!

sarah said...

@ Michele, yes it's on main street!! LoL

@ Lawanda- thanks for commenting! How was Raechels birthday??

@ Danielle- i wish this store had existed when you lived here!!. We would have had so much fun makin fun! Muss you too!!!xxxxooo

Earth Mama said...

Those are some interesting finds!! Boob cups and missing I will be sending out a facebook memo and email for getting all seed savers info this coming week, so keep an eye out for it.


Monica said...

hi there.

wow, what a crazy place. i would love to rummage through the mess!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

lol I love this blog post and must remember to take photos next time I go to a charity/thrift shop :-)

Scooter said...

the pic with Ruby and the doll is kind of scary