Friday, April 15, 2011


I've been in a funk for quite a few weeks now. I considered that maybe my cycle was off or something else hormonal was to blame, maybe I'm not eating right, not getting enough or perhaps too much sleep. Maybe I've been too busy, not busy enough, not enough sun... The list of possible offenders runs long. But frankly I'm tired of trying to figure out what's to blame.

I'm just grumpy and "off" and that is the simple truth of it.

Thankfully I have discovered something that seems to work fairly well and quickly to bring some relief. There are many things actually that one can use to shift such a mood, if only temporarily, but sometimes just taking that step toward a different mindset is enough to help you fully turn the corner so to speak. Rewire the 'ol brain hard drive, help the synapses do their thang...

Anyway... I'm admittedly not very good a sitting still and meditating. Hooping is usually my activity of choice to try to shake off the gloom. But on top of my crappy mood, my back is also hurting. At times like these I find sitting quietly in prayer pose with the help of a crystal and some oils to be just the thing.

This afternoon I chose Frankincense from Wisdom of the Earth. These oils are magnificent! Therapeutic/Medicinal Grade oils vibrating at a very high frequency. I applied some to my 3rd eye, my throat, my palms and the crown of my head. Then I took out my new favorite Crystal Argonite (purported  to calm jangles nerves and ease stress.) and sat in prayer pose for as long as I could, eyes closed, inhaling the scent of Frankincense. Breathing.... releasing...... and opening.

It lasted all of 10 minutes before I was interrupted by my sweet children. But it was 10 minutes in the right direction. I feel markedly better.


So simple. But so hard to motivate to take 10 minutes for myself. Why is that? Never mind.. I'll keep trying to remember this and take a few minutes out more often.

Wishing you restoration today too.


Michele said...

Love this post! I'm going to have to go burn some of my frankensense!

jeckydoll said...

sometimes its just what you need ten minutes to yourself thinking purely about nothing, i think just that, makes you feel refreshed.
something everyone should do

Superman >> said...

Cool Post

nemmiealves said...

i love stuff like this! i am only young but i always think its important to take some time out and think of just nothing!!

LoryKC said...

So important, yet so hard, for moms to take a few minutes for themselves!
Glad you were able to do it and hope you get more time, next time!